All of our fabrics are knitted, dyed, and finished in Los Angeles, USA. Sustainability, transparency, and ethics are what drive us.

Our knits are created in a state of the art facility that closely monitors for any inconsistencies and creates incredibly soft and strong fabrics.


Production begins with sending our fabric to our cutting service. The fabric is laid out across warehouse-long cutting tables. Once the fabric relaxes, the marker for the style is carefully placed on top of the fabric. The cutters carefully cut through each piece of the pattern until complete. Finally, the individual parts of the garment are grouped into bundles and sent to our sewing contractor.


We work closely with a local family-owned factory to create small batch production runs, crafting each piece using old school manufacturing techniques combined with modern technology. The factory is certified through the California Labor Department, guaranteeing minimum wages and worker health and safety.

In addition to sewing our garments, our contractor is responsible for applying our zippers/buttons and USA made woven labels, hang tags, and care labels. We require our factory to use USA made cotton thread to ensure stronger construction on each garment and color matching during the garment dye process.

Wash & dye

We work with some of the premier, long-standing dye houses in Downtown Los Angeles. Garment dye is the process of uniquely dying a garment to a specific color after it has been cut and sewn.

To begin this process, the color lab creates lab dips to determine the formula that produces the most accurate color match. A lab dip is a swatch of fabric that is test dyed to hit a color standard. Once an option is approved, the bulk dyeing process begins. With garment dye products, there will be some naturally occurring shade variations.

California has the most stringent environmental protection rules imposed on the industry of dyeing. By dyeing and finishing all of our garments in California, you are assured our fabric processing is environmentally friendly.


We collaborate with local businesses for our various screen printing and embroidery needs, selecting partners that prioritize delivering high-quality and consistent results.